Does your life “suck?”

Book Review:Why Your Life Sucks…And What You Can do About It,” by Alan H. Cohen

My Rating: 5 Stars



This is one of my all-time, well-worn favorites. Admittedly, the title is a bit off-putting, at least to me. I almost didn’t purchase it, but I had the time to browse it many years ago on a weekly visit to my local Barnes & Noble, and I was hooked.

The main thrust of this book is learning the signs and red flags in your life that you probably didn’t even realize were there. Signs that indicate you are in peril of allowing yourself to become a victim of your own mindset.

As Cohen states, if your life sucks in any way, shape or form, even just a bit, it is a huge wake up call, yelling at you to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

This book explains how, in easy, engaging and conversational style. I felt like he was my personal coach when I first read this book, and for years I’ve been referring to it regularly, sort of like a personal tune-up!

What are some of the things we do that chip away at our chance at a happy, fulfilled life?

Well, to start with, many of us give our power away.

We simply hand it over to others without a second thought. I found this part of the book to be incredibly empowering – it was a real A-HA moment for me, and it enabled me to pinpoint exactly who and what I was relinquishing my power to, and how to stop.

Other things that hurt us (and hence, can make our lives suck) include:

  • Getting fooled by appearances
  • Trying too hard to prove ourselves
  • Saying yes when we mean no (or even “maybe”)
  • Trying to “fix” other people
  • Wasting our precious time/energy on things and people that, frankly, suck.

Cohen goes into great detail about these things, with engaging personal anecdotes, and of course, solutions to resolve them. I mean real, usable, realistic solutions, not some “pie in the sky” navel-gazing tips.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, conversational read with real-life, immediate solutions to improving our lives. Even if it just sucks a little.




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