Today is Love Your Pet Day!

In honor of the official “Love Your Pet Day,” I thought I’d share some pictures of my beloved furry companions!

Blaze is our youngest. He is 6 months old now, but we discovered him while volunteering at PetSmart when he was barely 3 weeks old! He had been separated from his mom, and someone left him in a box with a message pleading for someone to care for him. We could not resist. We bottle fed him and kept him warm, gave him lots of love and kisses – and here he is today:


Here is Kiki, she is the “matriarch” of our 4 cats. She is a marbled mixed Siamese. She was left behind when the city was evacuated for a hurricane. She waited at a shelter for 2 years, and when we found her (in 2010) it was love at first sight. She is hilarious – a real spunky, friendly personality – and she loves sitting up like a human, like this:


Next up is Sally – this is technically my daughter’s cat – she is a gorgeous, regal medium-long haired grey tabby. She is very “alpha” for a cat, and the other pets (well, not Kiki) defer to her.


Here is Kade – he is a big, BIG boy. He is the most laid back cat I’ve ever known, and he loves to cuddle. We believe he’s a Maine Coon mix because he is so naturally “big boned.” Although he does need watch his diet, admittedly. : )


Last, but certainly not least, is our one canine buddy, JJ (our daughter named him after her favorite NFL player, J.J. Watt). He is a Doberman/German Shepherd mix – and he has the heart of a teddy bear. He is incredibly sweet, loves everyone, and brings so much joy to our lives. He came from a “street gang” of dogs that were rescued by the shelter my son volunteers for – he was starving, had all kinds of injuries, and had been shot in the leg (the 22 slug is still in his leg – it doesn’t bother him anymore though). He’s our greatest “success story,” by far!


Hug your pets just a bit more today to let them know how much you love them – and to celebrate “Love Your Pet” day!


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